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Rootstocks by Kuiper .  F Kuiper B.V. is a well known fruittree rootstock grower in the Netherlands . We supply rootstocks worldwide .  Quality and reliability are most important for us and our rootstock customers.

Our Nursery is NAKB controlled and inspected every year.

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F Kuiper B.V.  rootstocks production is going back a very long time and started in Veendam. Important apple stocks are Malus M9 , Malus M26 and MM106 plus de dwarfing rootstocks M27.
In Cherry the Gisela dwarfing rootstocks and Prunus Colt semi dwarfing are used a lot.
Pear stocks are also available for example in Pyrus communes Kirchensaller.
Also Quince BA29 and C plus A.

F Kuiper B.V. top production of quality rootstocks.

We are certified and NAKB controlled.