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Welcome to Rootstocks by Kuiper.

For all your rootstock and fruittree needs .

Rootstocks for growing fruit trees are the basics for any success in harvesting fruit like apples, pears, cherries, nectarines and plums.

Washing rootstocks for export and professional clean packing can be organised for our customers worldwide.

F Kuiper B.V.  your professional dedicated partner for rootstocks and fruittrees like Apple Malus, Pear Pyrus, Cherry and plums Prunus .

Fruit Tree Rootstock Selector

Let’s find out the appropriate rootstocks for your needs. Selector coming soon.

Fruit Trees for your need.

Please find a great selection of our fruit trees as per stocklist section Catallogue on the home page. Rootstocks for winter hand grafting and Budding stocks for summer budding available.

Rootstocks from seed or stoolbeds.

f kuiper B.V. has a great selection of rootstocks from both stoolbeds and from seed. Please enquire for your demands on our contact page.

Other hedging and amenity bare root plants.

A great selection of bare root plants from both seeds and cuttings available. Please find it all listed in our catalogue.

We can organise shipping.

Worldwide shipping by air possible.

Contract growing possible.

Please enquire.

For enquiries and questions please use the contact page.

Fruittrees and rootstocks company.